Top 6 Amazing Facts about Вrеаkіng Bаd

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Breaking bad is undoubtedly the most exciting crime drama television show that had been keeping people high on curiosity ever since it aired on the television.

Not only is the series the best ever created in its niche, but it is one of the finest. Only a few can create such a dramatic storyline that is well-written and directed. Produced by Vince Gilligan, the show was aired in 2008.

We all know very well about the protagonists of the show; Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, Skyler White and Walter White Junior to name a few.

This show instantly became one of the most popular television shows. As much as exciting this show is, chances are that you never paid attention to the awesome Breaking Bad facts. No, you didn’t, trust us. So, let’s move ahead and see what these details are that you probably missed while watching your favourite series.

Fact #1 АВQ Ѕtudіоs, Albuquerque Coordinates were mentioned on the Show Studios

Albuquerque Coordinates were mentioned on the Show Studios

Not everything they show on the television is fictional. The team of Breaking Bad took the liberty to flash the coordinates of the ABQ Studios, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

These coordinates were for a very long time, unknown and almost considered puzzling. The coordinates, 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 were displayed on a lottery ticket.

It was quite interesting when fans managed to figure out that these coordinates, which are almost of the location where Walt and Jesse did their business. This location was ABQ Studio’s backyard where the scene was shot!

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Fact #2 Jesse Pinkman would have been dead by the end of the 1st season

Jesse Pinkman would have been dead by the end of the 1st season of breaking bad

Originally, Vince Gilligan had scripted the death of Jesse Pinkman in the first season. The storyline mentioned that Jesse would get killed during a drug deal gone wrong. The drug deal was to be shot at the end of the first series.

However, the impressive performance of Aaron Paul, who plays Jesse Pinkman in the series, made Vince change his mind.

Hence, Vince decided he would continue having Jesse on the show because he was quite a character. So, after 5 seasons of Breaking BaBad, Jesse Pinkman continues to be a regular character on the show.

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Fact #3 Breaking Bad’s Characters are funny

Breaking Bad's Characters are funny

Breaking bad might be breaking all the records of the TRPs, but this show is full of comedians. Vince Gilligan, who wanted a versatile cast for his show, chose comedians for the deed. According to him, comedy is tough and if one can do it, doing drama becomes easy.

Many of the characters are played by well-known actors cum comedians. Lavell Crawford, Bill Curr, Bob Odenkirk, Javier Grajeda and Steven Michael Quezada are some of the finest examples of comedians doing some serious acting.

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Fact #4 Bryan Cranston had to prove his mettle

Bryan Cranston who did a famous comedy series, Malcolm in the Middle was not the first option of the network executives. When Vince Gilligan wanted to get Bryan to portray Walter White, the network executives had a hard time to agree.

Considering the fact that Mr Cranston had been an outstanding comedic and a performer, the casting team couldn’t possibly see him playing Walter White.

However, Vince stressed on Bryan’s dark performance on another television show, X-Files. Bryan got lucky with this role for sure and has been proving his artistry ever since.

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Fact #5 The family home for White’s is real

The family home for White's is real

While most of the homes shown in the televisions are sets, the family home for White’s is actually real. Property of Fran since 1973, the real-life home has been well utilized to suit the series requirement. Even the production designer took the liberty of making it look and feel like the home of the White family.

Another interesting thing about the home interiors is that Vince Gilligan didn’t want the White family to own a pool and the original home had one. So, with a little trickery and in-house production set, the designer managed to cover up the pool area.

Fact #6 Breaking Bad’s Assassins are really horrifying

The brother-duo assassins of Breaking Bad, Luis and Daniel Moncado are quite realistically terrifying. Both the cousin brothers are portrayed to have been active gang members, who served a good time in prison.

As if the silent deaths stare and tough looks were not enough, Luis adds up to the drama with his eyelid tattoos. His eyelids read “F U”, which were done by using a spoon somehow.

Some More Random and Interesting Facts about Breaking Bad

  • After watching Season 5, Episode 14 — “Ozymandias” — George R.R. Martin called Walter White a bigger monster than anyone in Game of Thrones and vowed to “do something about that” in his next book. Eek
  • Due to the success of the show, some drug dealers have actually started adding blue dye to their crystal meth in an effort to “brand” their product.
  • Nearly two decades before landing the role of Walter White, Bryan Cranston was in Power Rangers!
  • On the final day of filming for Season 5, Bryan Cranston got a Breaking Bad tattoo on the inside of his finger.
  • According to Anna Gunn, who played Skyler White, Cranston cried for 15 minutes after filming the scene in which Walt let Jesse’s girlfriend Jane Margolis die.
  • The polarizing 10th episode of Season 3 — “Fly” — was made primarily for budget and scheduling reasons. Due to the fact it only used one set and two of the major characters it was much quicker and cheaper to produce than other episodes.
  • The makeup and visual effects team from AMC’s other hit show The Walking Dead were drafted in to help with the scene in Season 4 episode “Face Off”, during which half of Gus’ face is blown off.
  • Baby Holly is named after Vince Gilligan’s girlfriend, Holly Rice.
  • There are 62 episodes. The 62nd element is Samarium, a drug used to treat pain in cancer patients.
  • There are 270 deaths throughout the five seasons of Breaking Bad.
  • Savewalterwhite.com is a real website.
  • The show was originally meant to be set in Riverside, Calif., but filming was moved to Albuquerque for tax reasons.

Hope you enjoyed this list of Breaking Bad facts. Stay tuned for more!

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