Top 12 Interesting Facts about Leonardo da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci can simply be called as a true genius not only of his time but of all the times.  He was regarded as the best example of Renaissance Man.  He had immense curiosity and was an extraordinary intellectual man.  Leonardo da Vinci was Superhuman in a true sense.

He was born on 15 April 1452 in Vinci, Italy. His father Messer Piero Fruosino di Antonio da Vinci was a legal notary and his mother Caterina was a peasant. He remained with his mother until he was 5 years old and then moved to his father’s house.

Here is a list of top 12 interesting facts about Leonardo da Vinci

Fact #1  Leonardo DA Vinci was Incredibly Intelligent

Leonardo DA Vinci was incredibly intelligent  Image Source

Leonardo DA Vinci was incredibly intelligent. He was a man with vast knowledge and learning. He can simply be called as a true polymath. His IQ is estimated to be around 220.

He used to learn things very quickly and had tremendous capability to improvise the same to another level. During his arithmetic learning sessions, he used to ask multiple questions that too out of the specified boundaries that simply used to baffled his teachers.

Fact #2  Vinci remained Unschooled

Vinci remained unschooledImage Source

There are many amazing facts about Leonardo DA Vinci, one among them was he had a vast knowledge in the fields of geography, science, math, botany, music, architect, sculpture, painting, anatomy, engineering and many more.

But the most shocking reality is that he had never been to school for basic or primary education. He just got some informal education in Latin, geometry and mathematics.

Rest all the knowledge he gained, he learned himself from observations and out of curiosity to learn things.

He believed in innovation and extracting new dimensions from the old knowledge that’s why he planted the base of a number of inventions and presented innovation in already existing things.

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Fact #3  The Vinci Wrote in Mirror Image

The Vinci wrote in mirror image  Image Source

Leonardo DA Vinci was a spectacular painter, sculptor, musician, inventor, etc., but there was another peculiar art he was master; it was his mirror writing skill.

He could easily write in mirror writing style and most of his work is written in mirror writing. His natural hand was left but he was ambidextrous. He could easily draw with one hand and at the same time could write with the other.

A lot of skill and practice is required for a common person to write and read in such pattern.  

There are many theories as to why Vinci used to write in mirror image. Some say Vinci was making it hard for the people to read his notes and steal his ideas. And some say he wanted to hide his scientific ideas and observations from Roman Catholic Church.

Fact #4  DA Vinci was Persecuted

Image Source

Da Vinci was persecuted along with two of his companions by the police under the charge of sodomy at the age of 24 years. At that time it was legally a serious crime and the punishment could be handled till death too.

Due to the Vinci’s good, there was no witness or clues about the charge found and he got released by the department.

Fact #5  Unfinished Works in Abundance

Unfinished works in abundance  Image Source

Most interesting fact about the Vinci’s work is that most of his works are not finished. Although he had done so many things in his life and presented a number of remarkable and notable inventions and innovations in the field of knowledge and practical science, still a lot of projects are still under construction and not completed.

This simply depicts his level of knowledge and approach towards the innovation that he has no boundaries or limits to knowledge and practising new things in his life.

He was a person who wanted to try out everything and dig out the facts about it but had the shortage of time.

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Fact #6  DA Vinci Explained Why Sky is Blue

Image Source

This amazing fact has been recorded in the history and Leonardo DA Vinci was credited to be the first person to explain why the sky is blue.

He explained that the sky is blue because of the way air scatters lights. He explained this 300 years before Rayleigh gave his molecular scattering theory.  This easily gives us an idea of the level of curiosity and genius mind he possessed.

Fact #7  He gave Idea of Contact Lenses

Image Source

Leonardo DA Vinci devised the concept of contact lenses. In codex of eye manual, he speculated that the power of the corneal could be altered.

He further explained that this could be done either by submerging the head in a bowl of water or by wearing water-filled glass hemisphere over the eyes. But none of the ideas were practical at that time.

Fact #8  DiCaprio is named after DA Vinci

Image Source

American actor and film producer Leonardo Dicaprio was named after Leonardo DA Vinci and he got his name because of a very interesting event.

His pregnant mother was looking at Vinci’s painting in a museum in Italy and he first kicked. This is how she decided to name Dicaprio after Vinci.

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Fact #9  Bill Gates bought Codes of Leicester

Image Source

Bill Gates is the proud owner of the Codex of Leicester. It is a collection of scientific writings by Leonardo DA Vinci. Bill Gates bought this priced scientific journal of Vinci in an auction at a record price of $30.8 million in 1994.

This manuscript by Vinci is the most valuable book in the world. If someone wants to go through the Codex of Leicester, you can check the digital version at the British Library.

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Fact #10  He Loved Animals

Image Source

Leonardo DA Vinci was a vegetarian and had immense love for animals. It is said that he used to buy caged animals and used to set them free.

In his drawings, we can easily see the combination of science and art. He studied various subjects like anatomy, zoology, botany, physiology, and geology.

His codex on flights of birds is a systematic analysis of flights of birds. Based on these studies and observations he proposed the mechanism for flight by machines.

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Fact #11  DA Vinci designed a Parachute

Image Source

British skydiver Adrian Nicholas made a parachute based on Vinci’s designs. He ignored the advice of aerodynamics experts that such a parachute design will never work.

But he proved them wrong by successfully testing Vinci’s designs. And after flying the parachute he said: “It took one of the greatest minds who ever lived to design it, but it took 500 years to find a man with a brain small enough to actually go and fly it.” 

Fact #12  Mona Lisa

Image Source

Leonardo DA Vinci was one of the most famous painters in the history, but only 15 paintings are known to exist.  Mona Lisa is one of the most famous pieces of artwork. It is acclaimed to be the most written about and most parodied work ever.

Leonardo the Vinci’s has signed his initials on the right pupil of the Mona Lisa.

Researchers at the University of Amsterdam and the University of Illinois used face-recognition software to determine that the Mona Lisa is 83% happy, 9% disgusted, 6% fearful, and 2% angry.

Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre on 21 August 1911 and before its theft, it was not widely known to the world. Vincenzo Peruggia, an Italian man who worked in the Louvre stole it.

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Some More Random Facts about Leonardo DA Vinci:

  • Leonardo DA Vinci was a prankster. He loved to wear pink and other vibrant colours.
  • Leonardo da Vinci was a big fan of puns and word games. Folio 44 of his Codex Arundel contains a long list of playful synonyms for penis.
  • Leonardo DA Vinci was never married and was rumoured to be a homosexual by his contemporaries. Sir Kenneth Clark, an art historian said that Vinci was probably a passive homosexual.
  • He died on May 2, 1519, at Clos Lucé, France. He was buried nearby in the palace church of Saint-Florentin. His last words were, “I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have.

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