Top 7 Strongest Beers In The World

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Everyone loves a good cold beer at the end of the day but there is nothing worse than a week beer. 

Strong beers get people drunk faster and because of that some cities and counties ban them or consider banning them. Banning them won’t take away the fun aspect of these beers. 

If you want to supercharge your beer experience try one of these ultra strong beers, they are the strongest beers that can be found around the world.

1. The Brewmeister Snake Venom

Snake Venom beer has one hell of a label but it also sets the record for the strongest beer in the world with a 67.5% AVB (alcohol percentage). 

Unfortunately, this beer is no longer being brewed but you might be able to find a bottle of it in a store room somewhere. When it was being sold online it was going for $80 straight from Brewmeister. Chances are it will be worth more than that now.

Brewmeister also held the previous world record in 2012 for strongest beer with the Armageddon, 330 ML of 65% alcohol beer.  

The Snake Venom was released in 2013 to one up the Armageddon and prove that beer could be made stronger yet still drinkable.

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2. Start The Future by Koelschip

Hailing from the Netherlands Start The Future by Koelschip beer with 65% ABV is more likely to end your future than start it with how strong it is. With 65% this beer was one of the strongest beers in the world.

For a while Koelschip held the title of world’s strongest beer and you can thank BrewGod’s The End of History beer for inspiring the Start of The Future

Just like Snake Venom this beer has been retired, in reviews it scored very poorly.

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3. Schorschbock 57

Schorschbrau brewery created the Schorschbock 57 to bring fame to the German heritage of beer.  Unfortunately, it didn’t make it and the beer is now retired. 

According to a few websites on the internet supplies of this beer can still be found in some places but it is very limited as it was only brewed once. The flavor from the beer is described as a shot of fiery booze by critics.

It is served in .33 litre ceramic bottle and is signed by the master brewer at Schorschbrau brewery. Only 250 bottle are produced every year.

Schorschbrau also created the Schorschbock 43 which contained, you guessed it, 43% alcohol.  This brew, like many on this list of worlds strongest beers was only brewed once because the flavor was lousy. 

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4. BrewDog’s The End of History

This was the beer that sparked the Start of The Future (mentioned above).  For $780 it better be The End of History because you won’t be able to afford anything after a few of these beers. 

The luxurious tastes of juniper berries, mead, and nettles are not what makes this 55% ABV bottle unique. 

No, it is the fact that each bottle came wrapped inside a dead squirrel. 

This beer is sold out but the BrewDog franchise still has a selection of high ABV beers.  Don’t worry, their current beers are squirrel free.

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5. Sink The Bismark! With BrewDog

This is the first beer on this list to still be purchasable from the brewer.  Sink The Bismark! is a 41% alcohol IPA.  It is also the first beer on this list to get a fairly high taste rating, 82/100 on Beer Advocate. 

A bottle of Sink The Bismark! will run you $100, but with the high alcohol content and the good flavor it might just be worth it.

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6. Baldwin’s Esprit De Noel

Baldwin’s Esprit De Noel beer has surprising little information available on it but it is listed as having an alcohol content of 40% and was brewed in 2011 then aged. 

What is most surprising about this beer is that it is one of the least expensive on the list. It will only run you about $40 per beer. Compared to some of the other price tags we have seen that is quite the difference.

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7. Sam Adams Utopia

This is the least alcoholic beer on this list (if that can be said) and clocks in at 27% alcohol content. 

The Sam Adams Utopia comes in a very unique gold bottle that probably adds part of the $200-$600 price tag by itself. 

It is not easy to find. 

Sam Adams recommends that this beer be sipped and not gulped or chugged.  What’s the fun in that?

This list of beers takes us around the world to view some of the strongest beers that man has been able to create.  Most of them are pretty expensive, they also don’t taste like you would expect from a beer. 

These beers go through an ultra-fermented aging process and are often aged in barrels that have contact with strong tasting alcohol, both of these factors will go towards changing the taste to something that you wouldn’t expect. 

You can’t deny though that with some of these beers you could be drunk in minutes!

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